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How to Install SQL Server 2005 Replication - A Simple Guide - Part 2 of 2
Web Monkey About the Author

With security clearance and well over a decade of experience with SQL Server, Web Monkey is the resident DBA at Norb Technologies and a real database guru.

A regular contributor to SQL Server Club, his background includes software development, hardware, a smattering of essential networking knowledge and an unhealthy interest in web security. He has an obsession with automating repetitive tasks, but has a tendency to forget where he left his last open bag of fruit and nut...

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Welcome back...

Right click on the Replication tree node in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) again and this time click on the Configure Distribution menu item to bring up the Configure Distribution Wizard:

Configure Distribution for Replication on SQL Server 2005
This should bring up the following Configure Distribution Wizard window:
The Configure Distribution Wizard for Replication
Click on the Next button and simply navigate through the Distribution Configuration Wizard according to your replication needs - this will vary from company to company, but the wizard is self-explanatory. If you need to go away and find out more information before proceeding, you can click the Cancel button and return to this step at a later time, but right clicking on Replication and choosing Configure Distribution again.

Once you have been through each of the configuration steps, you should reach the final screen of the Wizard to show successful completion:
SQL Server Replication has been Successfully Set Up
Click on the Close button and return to Management Studio. Now right click on the Replication tree node one more time to confirm that replication is configured.

The menu should now have changed to this:
The Replication Menu has now Changed
Well done! - Replication is now set up and you're ready to start distributing data!
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