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About Us

Why We Started SQL Server Club

SQL Server Club is a free community knowledge base for developers, database administrators and IT pros who work with SQL Server. Sponsored by Norb Technologies, SQL Server Club came about as a result of a rather large collection of technical articles and fixes to solutions.

As DBAs and developers, we face the many hurdles of development and administration and decided to share these with the SQL Server world. We aim to bring our real-world experience to our articles and cover topics not addressed elsewhere on the web.

Norb Technologies

Norb Technologies is a UK based software house focused purely on developing performance tuning tools for SQL Server. Our aim is to build top quality products at decent prices.

Ideas for products come from working in the field as developers and DBAs and we are proud to be the first company to launch an automated index defragmentation tool for SQL Server. If you'd like to know more about our range of tools please visit www.norbtechnologies.com.

Facebook Groups

Everyone is welcome to join the SQL Server Club and Norb Technologies groups on Facebook. Here you can post a message to other members, link to related web sites (including your own), join an existing discussion or start a new one for a topic you want to chat about.

We also have a SQL Server Club page and a Norb Technologies page that you can become a fan of. On the Norb page you can discuss our products, suggest new features, participate in conversations and join the beta testing programs for up and coming software releases.

Please feel free to make postings and contributions to any of our sites, groups or pages.

Developersdex Partnership

We are Developersdex Partners and are happy to support and promote other community web sites and share links and information. Developersdex provides an excellent and free knowledge base service to the IT community, covering web and Windows application development alongside databases. They cover ASP, C#, SQL, VB and XML and have articles written by gurus.


We don't accept any forms of commercial advertising on SQL Server Club. This web site is devoted to providing an unbiased, independent and free service to the SQL Server community. If you have a web site which you feel is relevant to our content and want to add it to our Links page, please Contact Us.

Editorial Control

All material submitted for inclusion on SQL Server Club is subject to editorial review for accuracy and quality and we retain the right to reject anything we feel is not appropriate.

The Editor

Rachel Clements is your SQL Server Club Technical Editor. If you have an article you'd like to publish, want to blog or have a contribution to make, please contact Rachel in the first instance.

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