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Rachel Clements - SQL Server Club Editor Welcome to SQL Server Club
Hi and thanks for visiting! SQL Server Club is the free community knowledge base for DBAs, developers, IT pros and anyone interested in databases and development. You can also try our Android app Learn SQL APK or iOS for more tutorials. Club membership is free and comes with benefits, so why not join SQL Server Club today?
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Rachel Clements, Technical Editor, SQL Server Club

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Most Popular SQL Server Articles
Essential Guides by Web Monkey
How to Install SQL Server 2005 - A Quick Guide
SQL Server Club Author: Web Monkey So many of us develop on it, query against it and administer it, yet it's not often we actually get to install it. This guide will take you from start to finish of how to install SQL Server 2005, which options to choose, which to ignore and the best time to take a coffee break.
Articles by Rick Obsitnik
How to Compare the Columns of Two SQL Server Tables
SQL Server Club Author: Rick Obsitnik Being able to compare two tables is a common requirement in SQL Server environments, especially where development and production servers exist. Rick Obsitnik explores a functional way to do this task in an enterprise environment using linked servers.
Articles by Web Monkey
How to Set Up Database Mail on SQL Server 2005
SQL Server Club Author: Web Monkey Database mail is a great way of getting SQL Server to tell you when it's done something. Or, when it's not done something and a job has failed. You can use it to keep you informed of actions by sending an email to you, whether you're at your desk or on the road with your laptop.
Essential Guides by Web Monkey
A Step by Step Guide to Installing SQL Server 2008
SQL Server Club Author: Web Monkey Installing SQL Server has always required some thought about such things as service accounts and collation sequences. However with SQL Server 2008, Microsoft has added in more options during the installation. Follow this step by step guide for a stress-free install.
Essential Guides by Shafqat Tanzeel
How to Configure SQL Server 2005 to Allow Remote Connections
SQL Server Club Author: Shafqat Tanzeel After installing SQL Server you'll need to do some extra work to allow remote connections. Shafqat explains with clarity how to configure SQL Server to allow remote connections. Follow this step by step process with plenty of screen shots to get your SQL Server configured.
Articles by Web Monkey
How to Deal with Negative SPIDs in SQL Server
SQL Server Club Author: Web Monkey If you've ever run sp_who or sp_who2 and encountered a SPID with a negative number, that is SPID = -2, then you may have found yourself in a position where you couldn't kill it off the conventional way. Take a look at this article to find out how to kill it off.
Essential Guides by Anil Mahadev
How to Implement Policy Based Management: A Primer in SQL Server 2008
SQL Server Club Author: Anil Mahadev Policy Based Management (PBM) is growing in popularity in response to the greater need for organizational compliance. In this article SQL Server expert Anil Mahadev explains the main components of PBM and then he guides you through the steps of implementing it with a sample database.
Essential Guides by Web Monkey
How to Install SQL Server 2005 Replication - A Simple Guide
SQL Server Club Author: Web Monkey This easy to follow guide to setting up replication on SQL Server 2005 will have you up and running in no time at all. Whether you need to install it from scratch or fix the Microsoft SQL Server error 21028, then this guide is for you. Just grab your installation CD and get started.
Essential Guides by Web Monkey
SQL Server 2005 DBCC Command Reference
SQL Server Club Author: Make sure you are up to date with this essential guide to new, undocumented and retired DBCC commands in SQL Server 2005. Microsoft has removed some commands, so use this reference to check your applications don't depend on them before upgrading to 2005.

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